Become a wiser consumer of routine healthcare
and prescriptions.

Save money by knowing in advance the price and quality of facilities and providers within your network.

Discover how Benjamin™ can help you get the best quality healthcare at the best prices.

American families unknowingly waste

$1,400 a year

The lack of transparency in the US healthcare system has bred outrageous price discrepancies, unimaginable in any other industry.

Prices that are “in network” for routine care often vary by more than 500% for identical procedures. This routine “commodity care” includes routine lab tests, imaging, outpatient surgeries and chronic care prescriptions.

Price and quality ratings for
600+ procedures

You can search for price and quality information for geo-specific, in-network routine care facilities, for 600 types of procedures.

Search. Compare. Save.

It’s simple to use. You will be able to look for prices and ratings of facilities or a specific procedure. Benjamin™ will show you nearby options to your preferred location. You will be able to compare and decide which option is best for you, allowing you to make wiser healthcare decisions.

Find the best
prices for your

If you need to buy prescription drugs, just enter what you are looking for and Benjamin™ will provide a list of the best prices you can find at nearby pharmacies. We can help you save up to 80% on prescription drugs.

How price and quality
ratings are calculated.

Ratings are based on price efficiency and quality by diagnosis. Over 300 quality metrics are used from more than a dozen objective sources, including HEDIS, National Quality Forum, PQRS, PPCMH, State Medical Boards, NCQA and ADMS.

Need help?


can assist you.

If you have questions, need any guidance or support, BenjaminTM will be ready and happy to assist to make your experience easier and simpler.

Watch. Learn. Save.

Benjamin™ is always looking for new ways to make you save and also wants to you to take care of your health, so he will share all his wisdom with you. You will find tips, suggestions and advices for staying healthy and saving money.

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