Insurtech on the Silicon Prairie

Looking forward to sharing the stage March 23rd with three other top Insurtech start-ups. Thank you Insurtech on the Silicon Prairie for the opportunity to share our message on making prescriptions less costly and more effective. March registration is now open (no cost!) Join us for one of our most popular events, highlighting insurtechs focused on cryptoasset insurance, flood protection, cyber insurance and lowering prescription costs. Register at

Insurtech on the Silicon Prairie is normally a two-day insurtech event bringing national experts, companies and regulators to Nebraska for a one-of-a-kind conference focused on the rapidly changing insurance landscape and technology.  Due to COVID-19, their format has changed to a virtual Speaker Series, at no cost to register. Throughout the year, speakers and panelists will cover a range of insurtech topics and perspectives including big data, regtech, insurtech trends, startups, use of insurtech to improve operations, wearables, insurtech regulation and insurtech investing. Almost 400 attendees from 49 states attended our first virtual event, including over 150 regulators from 39 states.

Insurtech on the Silicon Prairie is organized by the Nebraska Department of Insurance and the Nebraska Insurance Federation.  We believe in fostering a better understanding in the rapidly changing world of insurtech, and are happy to host these events.  As one of the leading insurance hubs in the United States, Nebraska’s 115 domestic insurers rank second nationally in total capital and surplus. The insurers represent more than $680 billion in total assets, ranking Nebraska fourth in the nation in terms of oversight responsibility.