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Lack of transparency in the US healthcare system has bred outrageous price discrepancies (upwards of 500%) that would be unimaginable in any other consumer-facing industry. Then add the complexity of high deductible health plans with a lack of personal savings and that’s a recipe for disaster and the number one reason for personal bankruptcy. 

American families unknowingly waste $1,200 a year on prescription drug costs alone and $320B annually as a nation. To address this significant injustice, we created Benjamin to make healthcare more affordable and less complicated by using a member’s own health insurance claims data.

Benjamin does the complex work for members of identifying savings by using cash rather than insurance to lower their costs. Patients and families who use their insurance for prescription drugs, receive a text alert and voucher with out-of-pocket savings at nearby pharmacies, saving up to 80% on prescription drugs. 

Benjamin can also identify and alert users to possible adverse drug event risks due unnecessary or sometimes dangerous combinations of medications. Our team of PharmD clinicians provide telehealth consults with members to provide the medication advice and money saving ideas that improves both their health and wealth. 


An experienced and talented leadership team

Jim Lewis

CEO & Founder

Improving the customer experience with predictive analytics and data-driven creativity for big pharma and the Fortune 100. 

Gina Bell

Operations & Admin

Leads client implementation and support team with proven experience in several health start-ups and in HR at Principal Financial

Tony Kramer

Chief Technology Officer

Mobile technology, AI integration and data-driven technology development 

Dr. Mike Case Haub (PharmD)

Medication Therapy Management

Pharmacist and innovator in medication review and Rx savings at Outcomes and CHC Health.

Ian Evenstar

Chief Marketing Officer

Business strategy, branding, and go-to-market campaigns for leading healthcare and educational organizations



Part of 2019 Global Insurance Accelerator Cohort.

APRIL 2019


Received funding from the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Board



University of Iowa Venture School Award.


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